How it all began

Back when Scripture Lullabies was just an idea, God placed it in our hearts to give one out of every ten CDs to Pregnancy Resource Centers. After the release of “Hidden In My Heart” in November of 2009, we made several trips to Pregnancy Resource Centers in the Northern Colorado region to deliver CDs, finding our hearts further knit to this cause. These are such great people of God working so hard to save precious little lives. Now, hundreds of CDs have been delivered to Pregnancy Resource Centers around the country. We are honored and humbled to be able to provide these centers with an additional tool that can be used to minister to these young women and their newborns in their greatest time of need. You can be sure that by purchasing a Scripture Lullabies CD, you are blessing more than just your own family!


We bought this CD for our 6 yr.old daughter who was battling night terrors. It immediately took away the nightmares. Every night she would wake up countless times screaming and since we started putting this CD on every night, she no longer has nightmares! What a blessing!  
– Alia, Colorado
  1. Be Still And Know Buy 0:41
  2. The Peace Of God Buy 0:41
  3. I Can Do All Things Buy 0:41
  4. Fly Like An Eagle Buy 0:41
  5. I Am Here Buy 0:40
  6. Nothing Can Separate Me Buy 0:40
  7. Underneath My Wings Buy 0:40
  8. Strength Of My Heart Buy 0:40
  9. God So Loved Buy 0:40
  10. Beatitudes Buy 0:40
  11. By His Name Buy 0:40
  12. Take No Thought Buy 0:40