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When God's Word takes root in a heart, it changes everything. This journal is a continuation of our music, bringing God's Word to life, applying it to our everyday lives, and communicating his peace to every heart.

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January 7, 2022

Bible Study

4 Ways to Begin the New Year With Rest and Contentment

  Many times, at the threshold of a new year, we’re thinking about what we want. The things we wish to accomplish and acquire are at the forefront of our minds. Yet what if at the center of these desires, as if acting as an axis, was the concept of contentment? Gratitude for what we […]

December 29, 2021


Pointing Our Kids From Hardship to Hope

  Walking along certain beaches, you might notice a glint from the shore. Sea glass mingles with shells, sand, and seaweed, telling a story all its own. Time and turbulence both lend to the unique appearance of this glass. It is the product of hardship. These smooth, frosted, beautiful pieces of glass did not begin […]

December 10, 2021

Bible Study

​​Living With Biblical Intentionality

  One of the most disheartening experiences of life is feeling we have no purpose, and this is because God never meant us to live like that! Instead, He created us with incredible significance and to live with Biblical intentionality. He is not a God of chance or happenstance. Rather, everything He has made is […]

November 29, 2021

Bible Study

Advent Scriptures and Songs for Remembering Why Jesus Came

  It is difficult to defend ourselves against the distractions of the holiday season. It seems everywhere we turn, something wants to steal our attention away from the lowly stable in Bethlehem. Time has a way of blurring events in history. With over two thousand years spanning from that starry night when a holy baby […]

November 10, 2021


3 Habits to Help Our Kids Rejoice in All Circumstances

  One of the most daunting realities of parenthood is knowing our kids follow our lead. On the one hand, we take joy in the opportunity to guide them. On the other hand, there is an overwhelming, lurking fear of leading by a poor example. When it comes to habits of thanksgiving and an attitude […]

October 19, 2021

Peaceful Mind

Collecting God’s Goodness

  It is easy to lose sight of God’s goodness. If we’re not intentionally setting our eyes and minds on His good gifts, distraction, disarray, and discouragements quickly divert our attention. We practice remembering God’s good deeds by thinking about all that is noble, pure, and lovely. Filling our minds with His wonders leaves little […]

September 27, 2021

Restful Sleep

How Lullaby Music Carrying God’s Word Brings Restful Sleep

peaceful lullaby music

  The quality of our sleep affects every area of our lives. When it is disrupted by anxiety, stolen by insomnia, or haunted by nightmares, each facet of our days and nights feels it. God created us to thrive through restful sleep. This is why, in Genesis chapter two, we observe God, after having worked […]

September 6, 2021

Peaceful Mind

God Is Our Shield — 10 Verses About God’s Protection

Have you ever felt vulnerable to a million different dangers? The number of scenarios stacked up against us can be disheartening, if not terrifying. Anxiety becomes a close companion when we begin counting everything that can go wrong in our daily experiences. Perhaps this is why God gave us, in His Scriptures, a picture of […]

August 25, 2021

Bible Study

Bible Verses About Music: The Powerful Harmonies of Scripture

  The introduction of a song, those first few notes delivered to our ears, has a powerful effect on our souls. A prelude stirs our spirits in a familiar and profound way. Music has a unique ability to pull memories from time, place us back in specific settings, and resurface emotions. Depending on the memories, […]

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