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Whether you are 2 or 92, this music will minister deeply to your soul with beautiful orchestrations that sound more like a movie score than what you might expect from typical nursery music. Story after story tell of lives being transformed by this powerfully peaceful music. As Scripture Lullabies play, nightmares disappear. Anxiety loses its power. Peace replaces turmoil and unrest.

This peaceful music has been used to calm anxious hearts; help babies, children, and adults sleep soundly; and bring peace to those suffering from illness, trauma, grief, and difficult circumstances. Experience God’s Word in a uniquely gentle way with Scripture Lullabies.

This powerfully peaceful music has changed the atmosphere in hundreds of thousands of homes with the powerful story of God’s Word told through breathtaking music.

The Music

the producer

Jay Stocker, founder of Scripture Lullabies, has been writing and producing music for various artists and record labels for over 20 years. He has also written and produced much of the music for Group Publishing, the premier source for youth and children’s ministry material. If you’ve ever been involved with a Group VBS, you’ve heard Jay’s music. Jay and his wife, Trina, were junior high school sweethearts and have been married for 31 years. They have three amazing children and enjoy life in Colorado.

Behind the Music

Ben Glover

Michael Rossback

Leah Tenney

Becca Mizell

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The Artists

Josh Wright

Jay Stocker and his wife, Trina, established BreakAway Music and Scripture Lullabies in 2007 with a focus on creating high-quality, high-impact music for children. With the release of the first volume of “Hidden In My Heart,” their vision expanded as so many adults were purchasing the music for themselves, as well as to give to other adults.

As the effects of God-breathed, Scripture-infused music was realized, Scripture Lullabies released additional volumes in the “Hidden In My Heart” series, as well as peaceful piano albums, a Scripture and prayer coloring book, and a musical Teddy Bear that plays favorite songs from the “Hidden In My Heart” albums.

With new albums on the horizon, they continue to watch God work miracles through this music that brings His peace to hearts and homes.

through peaceful music

God's Word at Work

Every song is peaceful and serene. I find that it’s easy to work or create, clean or pray with this music in the background. It’s quickly becoming the soundtrack of my life.


The right bedtime music is so hard to find. Scripture is the best way to find PERFECT REST! Matthew 11:28: ‘Come to me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.’ That is a promise from the Creator. I LOVE these CDs as we get to listen to God’s Words as we drift off to sleep in HIS strong hands!


I’m a busy, middle-aged professional who was stopped in my tracks by “Be Still and Know.” The Lord couldn’t have spoken more clearly to me through that song than if he’d hit me with a baseball bat. Your songs are like a prayer and the Lord literally restores my physically when I hear your soothing music and voices.


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