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Yes, we have chord charts and song sheets available for our “Hidden In My Heart” albums. Visit our Free Resources page here.

Do you have chord charts or sheet music?


Yes. Hundreds of churches use Scripture Lullabies as baby dedication gifts, and our music sells very well in retail spaces, as well. Find out more information on wholesale pricing.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?


We believe that the inerrant Word of God is powerful and changes lives. Our mission is to expand the reach of God’s Word by making it more accessible. Our “Hidden In My Heart” series presents God’s Word in a form where it can easily be absorbed. We believe the consumption of Scripture, in any form, is life-giving and impactful so we will continue making music that changes lives.

What is the mission of Scripture Lullabies?


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Do you ever have sales?


They are all friends of the composer, Jay Stocker, and are currently working in music. Ben Glover has won multiple Grammies and been named Christian Songwriter of the year several times. Michael Rossback has recorded, mixed, and produced hundreds of albums. Becca and her husband Sam are award winning songwriters and tour together, performing their own material. Leah is classically trained and has been active in the theater community in California. She is also a prolific songwriter. Josh Wright has performed for millions throughout his career and has sang in various capacities with Amy Grant, CeCe Winans, Mandisa, Tauren Wells, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, and more.  You can find out more about each singer in our journal.

Who are the singers?


We believe it was truly a divine idea dropped into composer Jay Stocker’s heart late one night. He got up out of bed and went to the computer suspecting someone surely had already done this, but, to his amazement, no one had formally combined Scripture with lullabies. Jay believes God had saved the idea for him to bring to life in a powerful way. Read more about Scripture Lullabies here.

How did Scripture Lullabies get started?


In 2021, we produced the final chapter in the “Hidden In My Heart” series with Volume IV. But don’t fret! We have HUGE plans for at least two more series we are currently working on! The powerful music you know and love from Scripture Lullabies will continue for years to come.

Are there plans for more “Hidden In My Heart” albums?


While it’s assumed that this music is suited for babies and children, we continually hear how it is impacting listeners of ALL ages, not just the little ones! The music is beautiful, peaceful, and timeless, and we have yet to meet an adult who doesn’t love it, so don’t let the word “lullaby” throw you off!

What ages is your music for? 


People listen to music in so many different ways — from good ol’ vinyl records to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. Obviously, you want to give something physical and also something that can be treasured. That’s why CDs are still a wonderful gift. We’ve found that while many people still have a CD player in the car, those who don’t will search for Scripture Lullabies wherever they stream music from online, and they will still have a physical memento to cherish. Our "Hidden In My Heart” Album Collection is a wonderful keepsake set and makes a meaningful gift! 

What if the person I’m giving this to doesn’t have a CD player?


In order to strike a balance between musicality and lyrical content, several translations were utilized, and sometimes inter-mixed depending on the song. While some songs are “word-for-word,” others deviate slightly from the actual Scripture, and in some cases lyrical content has been added to draw out and communicate the meaning and context of the Scripture used. Our desire is always to communicate the heart of God’s Word, and the reality of His Scriptures, and we go to great lengths in composing our music to be those who “correctly handle the Word of truth,” as 2 Timothy 2:15 instructs.

Which Bible translations were used, and is this music word-for-word Scripture?


Yes, each of our albums is available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music, Amazon Music, Apple, and Pandora. Our music is perfect to stream all through the night! Visit our streaming page here.

Is your music available on streaming services?


General Questions

Your Musical Teddy Bear comes preloaded with eight songs from our “Hidden In My Heart” Scripture Music series. More songs cannot be loaded onto the bear. For the list of included songs and other important information, download the Teddy Bear instruction manual here.

Can I add songs to my Teddy Bear?


Charge your Musical Teddy Bear with the included USB charging unit for three hours before initial use. Your Teddy Bear should play for 7-10 hours on a complete charge. Never open the electronic components of your Teddy Bear. If your bear is presenting an issue, please stop using the bear and contact our team. We’re happy to assist!

What if my Teddy Bear is not charging correctly? Can I inspect the electronics or battery compartment if my Teddy Bear is not operating correctly?


Inside your Teddy Bear is one non-replaceable, rechargeable, lithium-ion battery. Charging should ONLY be handled by an adult. The included USB charging unit (charging box and cable) is not a toy. To preserve your Teddy Bear’s battery, it is best to use the included USB charging unit and charge fully for three hours before initial use.

How do I charge my Teddy Bear? And can I use any USB charger with my Teddy Bear?


Your Teddy Bear is very simple to operate:
  • SONGS (right foot): Push to play and advance through 8 Scripture Lullabies songs.
  • SOUNDS (left foot): Push to play and advance through 4 calming sounds.
  • VOLUME (left paw): Push to cycle through 4 different volume levels.
  • ON/OFF (right paw): Push to turn your Teddy Bear on and off.
  • TIMER: Your Teddy Bear has an automatic timer that will shut off after 30 minutes.
  • BATTERY: Your Teddy Bear’s battery provides 7-10 hours of play before needing to be recharged. To recharge, plug the USB cable (inside the zipper) into the charging unit or other USB power source. It will be fully charged in 3 hours.
  • HEART LIGHT: The heart illuminates only when the music plays, symbolizing God’s Word hidden in your heart!

How do I operate my Musical Teddy Bear?


  • Spot clean only - wipe with a slightly damp cloth to keep clean. DO NOT submerge any part of your Teddy Bear or its charging unit in a sink, bathtub, lake, pool, washing machine ... you get the idea!
  • Avoid damaging the battery by keeping your Teddy Bear away from direct heat or extreme cold.
  • Periodically examine your Teddy Bear, battery charger, cables, and other parts for damage. If damaged, DO NOT use your Teddy Bear.

How do I care for my Teddy Bear?


Teddy Bear Questions

Yes, you can view the warranty here.

Does my Teddy Bear have a warranty?


Discount Details

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