The Music

We bought this CD for our 6 yr.old daughter who was battling night terrors. It immediately took away the nightmares. Every night she would wake up countless times screaming and since we started putting this CD on every night, she no longer has nightmares! What a blessing!”  
- Alia, Colorado

The Word of God is so very powerful, especially in a form where it can easily be absorbed – that’s why Scripture Lullabies is having such a profound impact on listeners of ALL ages, not just the little ones!  It has changed the atmosphere in tens of thousands of homes with an undeniable peace and the powerful story of God’s Word told through breathtaking music.

Whether you are two or 92, this music will surely minister deeply to your soul with beautiful orchestrations that sound more like a movie score than what you might expect from typical nursery music.  Nightmares disappear when this music is played. Adults, teens and children experience relief from anxiety as an atmosphere of peace replaces turmoil and unrest.  Experience God’s Word in a uniquely gentle way with Scripture Lullabies.

The Producer


Jay Stocker, BreakAway’s founder, has been writing and producing music for various artists and record labels for over 20 years. He has also written and produced much of the music for Group Publishing, the premier source for youth/children’s ministry material. If you’ve ever been involved with a Group VBS, you’ve heard Jay’s music.  Jay and his wife, Trina, were Jr. High School sweethearts and have been married for 23 years.  They have 3 amazing children and enjoy life in Colorado. 

  1. Be Still And Know Buy 0:41
  2. The Peace Of God Buy 0:41
  3. I Can Do All Things Buy 0:41
  4. Fly Like An Eagle Buy 0:41
  5. I Am Here Buy 0:40
  6. Nothing Can Separate Me Buy 0:40
  7. Underneath My Wings Buy 0:40
  8. Strength Of My Heart Buy 0:40
  9. God So Loved Buy 0:40
  10. Beatitudes Buy 0:40
  11. By His Name Buy 0:40
  12. Take No Thought Buy 0:40