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This album is so much more than your normal lullaby songs. Through 13 deeply moving songs, the peace of Jesus is experienced in a whole new way. The message of Jesus’ love comes to life through the narrative carried throughout this album....  read more

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Hidden In My Heart, Volume III

“Beautiful music and lyrics that are soothing to the soul.”


“We LOVE this album, as well as the others. The ‘Hidden In My Heart’ albums have been playing on repeat all night long for almost seven years in our kids’ rooms (and in our bedroom through the baby monitors). We love being able to fill our minds with truths from Scripture. My husband is a professional musician, and is very sensitive to the quality of music we listen to, and he approves wholeheartedly to the quality of these albums. Can’t recommend them enough!”


“I also have come across your music while searching for scripture based lullabies on YouTube and I guarantee nothing comes close to what I’ve found except for the Word itself! These lullabies are pure and this collection is truly a treasure. Lullabies are great, but the Word of God, especially when played as your child sleeps, is the greatest way to introduce them to Bible Scriptures. You have found a way to cross the two and create something so very rare. Thank you!”


“It is hard to share how thankful we are for this music. This is not just music but a ministry and we sense the Lord in what you are doing. We have all the albums and play them almost daily. May God bless you as you continue to serve others in Jesus name.”


“Many times music for children lacks the vocal quality that I want playing in my home … but this album has beautiful, talented voices on each track that I love to listen to! And my daughter does, as well. Thank you for helping us memorize and treasure the life of Jesus.”




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This album is so much more than your normal lullaby songs. Through 13 deeply moving songs, the peace of Jesus is experienced in a whole new way. The message of Jesus’ love comes to life through the narrative carried throughout this album. Listeners are brought to the foot of the cross, and to the heart of a Savior who came to save them.

When Volume III, “Hidden In My Heart: A Lullaby Journey Through The Life of Jesus,” was released, it was an answered prayer for its composer, Jay Stocker. As it went out to homes around the world, Jay wrote,
“I know God spoke to me and told me Volume III was to be about Jesus. As the project developed and evolved, it has become clear that this is a very special album. I really believe it is more than the ‘red letter’ edition of Scripture Lullabies. God’s guiding hand and divine inspiration has been so evident as these songs have made their way from the Father’s heart to my hand. My hope is this will go beyond just a listening experience for you and your children. I pray the words and melodies make their way into your heart and soul to give you a deeper, more vivid relationship with Christ.”

Experience God’s Word in a Uniquely Gentle Way With “Hidden In My Heart.”

"Hidden In My Heart: A Lullaby Journey Through Scripture, Volume III”


A word about selected translations and artistic license:

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Each "Hidden In My Heart" album is meant to be played as a continuous musical journey from start to finish. 


In order to strike a good balance between musicality and lyrical content, several translations are used and sometimes inter-mixed depending on the song. While some songs are “word for word,” others deviate slightly from the Scriptures, and in some cases, lyrical content has been added to enhance the meaning of the Scriptures. Translations used: KJV, NKJV, NLT, ESV, NASB, and NIV.

Written and Produced by   Jay Stocker (learn more)
Sung by   Becca Mizell, Ben Glover, Leah Tenney, and Michael Rossback (learn more)

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