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  • Our family has been going through a very difficult time and we received this CD as a baby gift from our church. We never expected the comfort and peace that this music would bring to our home. They really should call it a family gift instead of a baby gift because it has meant so much to our family. We play it 24/7 in our home and will continue to do so.”
    – Alia, New Jersey

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We love this for baby dedications because we really feel like we’re giving something of value to our families and newborns. ‘Baby’s first Bible’ will most likely sit on the shelf but this music has an impact immediately!  And we really love it when we hear back that the parents are listening too.
- Dionne Dodge, Jubilee Fellowship Church

Long after a baby outfit wears out, beautiful music can be filling a child’s room with the life-changing Word of God. And while baby’s first Bible often sits on a shelf collecting dust, words from those unread pages can be finding their way into little hearts and minds, molding and shaping their lives forever. That’s why so many churches are giving Scripture Lullabies as a baby dedication gift. It’s a gift with eternal value and one that will surely be appreciated and cherished for many years.



We have given these CD’s to every staff member at Hibernia as well as new parents. This serves not only as a thoughtful gift, but it also paves the way for children to listen to Scripture, as it is the “power of God unto salvation.
- Bryan McNair, Hibernia Baptist Church

Music in retail stores isn’t selling and if you’re a Christian bookstore, you know this to be true. But while retailers deplete their inventory of CDs, our music is re-ordered on a continual basis! There’s a simple reason for this. Unlike most other music, Scripture Lullabies is often purchased as a gift. It’s the perfect baby shower gift, but our market research shows us that adults are also buying it for themselves or to give to other adults! That’s why Scripture Lullabies is a #1 seller in multiple categories on Amazon and why it will sell in your store.


  1. Be Still And Know Buy 0:41
  2. The Peace Of God Buy 0:41
  3. I Can Do All Things Buy 0:41
  4. Fly Like An Eagle Buy 0:41
  5. I Am Here Buy 0:40
  6. Nothing Can Separate Me Buy 0:40
  7. Underneath My Wings Buy 0:40
  8. Strength Of My Heart Buy 0:40
  9. God So Loved Buy 0:40
  10. Beatitudes Buy 0:40
  11. By His Name Buy 0:40
  12. Take No Thought Buy 0:40