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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scripture Lullabies ‘Life Beautiful, a Coloring Book of Prayers’

  Our God is a God of immeasurable creativity. From hanging one billion trillion stars in the observable universe, to carving out the oceans and setting their boundaries with the hills — there is no end to His creativity. As His handiwork, fearfully and wonderfully made, He invites us to discover Him through creative expression. […]

Behind the Scenes

Behind the ‘Lighthouse’ Album

My wife, Trina, and I were 13 when we first met. Having recently celebrated our 28 year anniversary, we have been through a LOT together since then! Looking back, we see so clearly how God has guided and protected us throughout our journey. The narrative we have lived up to this point, and God’s faithfulness […]

Behind the Scenes

The Singers Behind Scripture Lullabies

  Our God is a creative God, and His artistry can be seen and heard in the people He has made. We are thankful that in producing the “Hidden In My Heart” series, He brought vocalists to the project who He uniquely gifted for this purpose. As each album came to life, it became overwhelmingly […]

Behind the Scenes

How Scripture Lullabies Partners With Pregnancy Resource Centers

pregnancy resource centers

  When a woman walks into a pregnancy resource center, it’s likely she is facing the scariest, most stressful, and confusing time of her life. We heard a story of a woman facing exactly that. After taking that brave step, she received one of our “Hidden In My Heart” CDs as a gift. She credits […]

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