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When God's Word takes root in a heart, it changes everything. This journal is a continuation of our music, bringing God's Word to life, applying it to our everyday lives, and communicating his peace to every heart.

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Bible Study

4 Scriptures and Songs to Fill Your Heart With Thanksgiving

Our regular disposition is not always one of thanksgiving. Remembering gratitude can be challenging when we’re up against everyday struggles and hardships or simply busy getting things done. Raising our heads above the frenzy and practicing intentional thanksgiving does not come naturally. Yet, as we anchor our gratefulness in God’s Word and Scripture music, we […]

Peaceful Mind

3 Promises For When You’re Doubting God’s Plans For Your Life

When we’re overwhelmed by life’s circumstances, trusting God’s good plans can be difficult. Challenges and setbacks settle over us like a heavy fog, obscuring hope for the future. In the haze, we’re tempted to ask, “Lord, is this all You have for me?”  Yet when we raise our heads above pressing needs and noise, we […]

Bible Study

Experiencing God’s Rest – A Psalm 37 Study

Do you ever feel like you’re being swept up in society’s relentless pace? Maybe you swipe through a social media feed and view the filtered lives of others and feel like you’re not accomplishing enough. Or perhaps someone or something is trying to fill the squares on your calendar before you have any say as […]


3 Scriptures To Pray Over Your Child Every Night

God created us for rest. He designed mechanisms into our bodies and minds to ease us into the evening and toward restorative sleep. He masterfully engineered hormones like melatonin and cortisol to work together in helping us to accept His invitation to circadian rest. Yet sleep does not always come naturally, and our children are […]

Bible Study

What Does It Mean That God Is Timeless?

Our lives are permeated with reminders of time’s passing. Wildflowers are a fitting example. They rise from the soil, often unnoticed and sometimes never seen. After a few weeks, they wither. Their petals fall to the ground, returning to the dirt, and the flowers go to seed so that wind or birds can carry those […]

Bible Study

What Does it Mean To Seek First God’s Kingdom?

We live in a highly connected time in history. As the saying goes, “the world is at our fingertips,” and quite literally, with our current technologies. Perhaps never before have we had so much opportunity to create, consume, pursue, or build our own “kingdoms.” Yet while these possibilities can bring excitement and blessing, they can […]


3 Biblical Promises for Your Child to Bring Back to School

As children return to school this season, their emotions can easily overwhelm them. Maybe your child is excited about the coming year and eager to see friends and teachers. However, there may be apprehension at what a new year brings, nervousness about academic challenges, or uncertainty around friendships or where they fit in. The challenges […]

Bible Study

Boldly Following God’s Plan for Our Work in His Kingdom

Listen to Plans I Have For You From Hidden In My Heart, Volume IV Since the beginning of time, God has invited us into important work for His kingdom. We can glimpse this in the very first chapters of the Bible. When God created plants, He could have engineered them to be self-sufficient. He could […]

Bible Study

3 Promises That God Will Never Leave Us

3 Promises That God Will Never Leave Us In theory, it’s easy to believe God remains near to us. In the repetition of Sunday School or Bible studies, we hear time and again that God will never leave nor forsake us. But do we believe this experientially? What about when He feels far or disconnected […]

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